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Dedicated to providing DNS host names to Big Pond Cable community. . . . .


Q: How long does it take for my new hostname/changed IP to become visible?
A: About 1 hour. The zone file is updated every 15 minutes, but name servers cache.

Q: What is the default IP:host mapping when I make a hostname?
A: Undefined; rubbish. You must set the record to your IP as a second step.

Q: So basically how do I make a hostname?
A1: Use the "Making a New Hostname" form on the bpc-users.org homepage
A2: At the ddns gateway: -new [hostname] -pass [password]. Note that hostname doesn't include the .bpc-users.org domain.

Q: How do I change my IP:host mapping?
A1: Use the "IP Mapping Change" form on the bpc-users.org homepage
A2: At the ddns gateway: -set [hostname] [ip] -pass [password]

Q: How do I change my password?
A: At the ddns gateway: -change [hostname] [new password] -pass [password].

Q: But isn't the form/gateway insecure?
A1: Yes, get the client if you run linux, it is far more secure.
A2: Depends on your paranoia level. What are the chances and consequences?

Q: The command line client is complex, are there any examples?
A: Yes in the README file in the client distribution, plus some in this FAQ

Q: Will the client be ported to other platforms?
A1: Not for me to say, I hope so.
A2: The CGI interface(s) will work for everyone with a browser, so there may be little reason to port it.

Q: Will the client build on other systems?
A: Yes, it should. Their may be some endian problems I haven't fixed yet though.

Q: Why does it use UDP rather than TCP?
A: UDP is fast and light-weight. I just did it that way, seemed the most natural.

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