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IP Mapping Change


Making a New Hostname

Three easy steps to getting your bpc-users.org hostname:
  1. Read the Policy Document
  2. Fill in this form:
  3. Hostname:
    Password Again:
  4. Use the IP Mapping Change form or ddns gateway to setup your hostname

Other Requests

Problems, 3rd level domains, etc: Read the FAQ and/or email me: alany@ay.com.au

News & Contrib

20000427: Client Security Issue
A minor security weakness in the client has been patched. The gory details are here: magic.txt

19990928: Yet another Client
Scott Campbell's wincable includes a DDNS auto-update client now!

19990715: Clients
I have tracked down the few contributed clients and put them up here for everyone. The IPUpdate systray client and Simon's client also. If there are any others lurking out there please send them my way.

19990709: Commercial Services
Commercial domain name hosting is now available. For as little as $10/mo per domain you can have your own domain host names track your dynamic IP(s). MX services and POP boxes are also available.

19990525: CLI client port to Win32
Scott Campbell has ported the CLI client to Win32! This is a straight port of my reference client, I have seen the source, looks great.

http://www.bpc-users.org/files/contrib/ddns.exe (48k binary)

19990524: Protocol Version 2 Released
The server and client have been touched up in a number of small ways. The changes made it difficult to maintain compatibility with old clients, so a new protocol version has been introduced. The ddns system always supported versioning, so all version 1 clients will just simply refuse to work with the new version 2 server. Grab a copy of the new client and rebuild to get it going again.

http://www.bpc-users.org/files/ddnsd-client-src.tar.gz (16k source tree)

19990523: Win32 raw interface client
Simon has come through again with a Win32 client that uses the raw.cgi gateway. I will place the client files under /files/ as soon as Simon gives me the package.

The Database Client

My Client
A Win32 port binary (thanks to Scott Campbell) of ddns is available here: ddns.exe (48k binary)
The POSIX compatiable (most unices) client for this service is available for download: ddnsd-client.tar.gz (16k source)
For other yet unsupported platforms, there is a CGI interface to the command line client: ddns.cgi

Contributed Clients
Scott Campbell's Wincable BPC login client with inbuilt DDNS auto-update client: http://users.bigpond.net.au/compucare/raven/wincable.html
Stuart Brighton's nice auto-update client that sits in the systray: IPUpdate.zip (2.7Mb zip)
Simon Wright's win32 client for the raw.cgi interface: bpcusersr1.zip (348k zip)

Various other code/text may end up under /files/

Older News/Contrib

An all new raw mode ddns gateway has been implemented. http://www.bpc-users.org/raw.cgi This interface is intended for automated agents and the new Win32 client that is currently in the pipe line. It takes a single argument, the command line for the client: raw.cgi?args=cmdline, eg raw.cgi?args=-echo. Both GET and POST methods are supported, please use URL encoding to make the string atomic or else the results may be undefined.

Simon Wright has asked me to add a 'raw' mode to the setip.cgi script. I thought it was a great idea so I have done so. Setting raw=on removes all HTML decoration from the response. This should be useful for the people writting automated scripts to make use of that form. The output it now basically whatever you see in the show_response() function of ddns.c. Essentially look for OK_* and ERR_*

Andrew Reilly has written an clever little shell script that allows any system with lynx to use the ddns gateway directly with no need to build the ddns client for that platform.

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