bpc-users.org . . .
Dedicated to providing DNS host names to Big Pond Cable community. . . . .

Policy Document

	This site and its services are in no way related commercially to
Big Pond Advance. The site is run as a non-profit service of AY 
Communications for the internet community. All decisions of the
bpc-users.org manager are final and no correspondence will be entered

	Host name allocation is on a first come, first served basis. Some
hostnames are reserved by the service. Additional delegated 3rd level
domains may be setup with the consent of the manager. 

	Additional limits to the host name part of the DNS record are as
follows:  32 characters max length. 2 characters min length. Characters
from the set { [a-z0-9-] } only. Non-offensive content, (as
determined by the manager).

	A key, or password is used to authenticate changes to the service
database.  Loss of this key will result in the need to show extensive
proof of identity to regain it. 

	When using this service the first and final technical contact
point is the manager. All other sources of information and advice are
taken at your own risk. Use of this service means that you understand and
agree to the policy detailed above. While using the service you shall
indemnify AY Communications and the Manager from any liability resulting
from your use of the service.

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